We opened our doors on Monday, September 16, 2013. Hey, this dinner is exactly 1 year later. Yep, against all of the odds, we’ve made it a year. We’ll have a special dinner. We’ll recognize the folks who have helped us survive this first trip around the sun. Craig will give you the real story and we’ll share pictures and events to remind us how much has happened on this journey we call Peeve’s.

Peeve’s is having their first anniversary dinner, to-night (September 16, 2014, starting 6:00PM)!

Someone asked me how the pub has become to be so successful in its first year. It’s located on the Fulton Mall. A pedestrian mall in downtown Fresno is not the most visible location. Nor do people find it to be the most inviting place. I think the reason why they’ve are successful is because they have the mentality that a business cannot blame the economy for its failures. You have to adapt to the changes in economic environment and the community. I think they’ve done just that.

These lessons are important to me. I would love to see more people attend. 

I’ve been part of Fresno’s Lindy Hop scene for three years and our community has not grown in size. It’s hard seeing Chris and Kellie (my dance instructors) spend several years trying to grow a wonderful community. I want to see it grow.

Dancing is my “happy pill.” I forget to take it every day but when I do remember, my day brightens up. It’s been kind to me and I’m thankful I found swing dancing.

We all have that desire to be part of a community and a Lindy Hop community is a wonderful thing to be part of. These people want to dance. These people want to be silly and geek out about Doctor Who. These people want to express their passion for all things vintage and jazz music. It’s not the kind of dance where everyone’s intention is to hit on you. It’s easy to feel comfortable in a Lindy Hop community. I’ve traveled solo to Seattle to attend a dance event. I plan on traveling solo to Austin for another dance event. I never worry about feeling scared and alone in a big city. I know I’ll meet people similar to me.

So, Try it out! Be part of the community! I’ll see you Thursday, yes?

Here’s a video of Lindy Hop, in case you’re wondering what the heck the dance looks like.


What would you do with $150K business grant?

What we would do with the grant:
Grow into a company that creates jobs for our communities and develops employees to be their best and reach their goals. A company that promotes projects that support community health and well-being. And a company that serves as a model and inspiration for other family businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our customers are a big part of our growth and success. We would very much appreciate your votes for the Chase Grant—with a few simple steps, you can help us make this bigger step! VOTE HERE https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/14521

#chasegrant #supportlocalbusinesses #raizanatea #tealover #positiveattitude #voteforus #smallbusiness #teashop #fresnocity #fresno #california #vscocam #amazingteam

I voted for my favorite tea shop in Fresno to receive a grant to grow their business. 

Photo of the Courtney Fire in Bass Lake, CA. This is the third fire in the past month. 
Photo taken by Darvin Atkeson of Yosemite Landscapes.

Photo of the Courtney Fire in Bass Lake, CA. This is the third fire in the past month. 

Photo taken by Darvin Atkeson of Yosemite Landscapes.


cutlaska asked:

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for the likes and great job on your blog. Fresno needs more people like you!


Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. :D

I admire the amount of work you put in your art! My friend, Cliff, and I met you at ArtHouse during Arthop, last spring…if I remember correctly. 

Downtown Fresno events, new businesses, construction updates, opportunities for artists…the list goes on! 

Peeve’s Public House is celebrating its 1-year anniversary, to-morrow (September 16, 2014). More info, here

This weekend (September 20-21, 2014), Peeve’s is hosting a “Love a Local” festival. Local food, beer/wine, bands, artists, and family activities. More info, here

Travel Update

I decided I’m going to Austin, Texas in November! I booked my flight, registered for the Austin Lindy Exchange, and I reserved a bed at a hostel.

The trip will be filled with new experiences. I’ve never been to a Lindy Hop event in Austin, so I’m excited to check out their dance scene. Nor have I ever stayed at a hostel. And on top of that, I’ve never been to Texas (besides Fort Worth Airport)!

I just read that Ani-Jam is shutting down. Ani-Jam was the Central Valley’s annual anime convention that took place in downtown Fresno for about 10 years.

On the positive side, there is ZAPPCON! October 18-19, 2014 will be the first ZAPPCON ever. My friend has a huge part putting this event together. Every event he organizes is a huge success, so I’m thrilled to attend this event! It’ll a celebration of many things: comics, games, toys, and movies.


alotlikeabird asked:

Do you know if there's going to be another Catacomb party this year?


Not this year. The music festival grew a lot more than expected, in its second year alone. They are preparing to have the next Catacomb Party in Spring of 2015.

There is another upcoming music festival in downtown Fresno. It’s called F.U.S.E Fest and it’s taking place September 26-27, 2014. More details here and here.

Tip: What’s Going on in Fresno?

There are a couple of sources you can use:

Facebook - Go to “My Events” page and scroll down till you get to “Events for You.” It should list public events in your listed area and/or events your friends are attending. 


Downtown Fresno Partnership Events Calendar and Email Newsletters (scroll down to subscribe to newsletter)

Please reblog for more sources.

Poison Ivy cosplay for Ani-Jam in Fresno. I sewed the infinity dress, and I made the leaves and roses from old book pages. 

Creative Fresno: Mobile Murals

Creative Fresno will be part of the Fiestas Patrias (Patriotic Holidays) event on the Fulton Mall where people will be encouraged to create a collaborative and unique mural themselves!

This takes place this weekend in downtown Fresno (September 12-14, 2014). More Info.