Made this shot of the last supermoon of the year, which was also the harvest moon, from the roof of the Fresno Bee with a 300mm lens a couple of weeks ago. Got us out of a jam cuz we needed a local feature photo, or standalone, for the next day’s paper.


Mid-1930s Broadway, downtown Fresno. “This was Highway 99 before the freeway went in; today, it’s not even a through street.”  Photo from Stifyn Emrys, California’s Historic Highways fb page.

Wow, I don’t recognize any of these buildings on Broadway.

Most of the existing buildings were used for industrial purposes at some point. The street has only two lanes (going both ways). There are spots where the street ends, such as at Chukchansi baseball stadium.


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That reminds me… *brews SleepyTea*.

Raizana Tea sells several different blends of herbal tea. They are located at the Warnors Center (corner of Fulton & Tuolumne in downtown Fresno). They’ll be open during ArtHop, this Thursday!

Prices go up, in a couple of hours!

Where are the Free, All-Ages Events?

Before I turned 21, it was a hassle trying to find any events for people under 21 and that were free. I can understand why teenagers think there’s nothing to do in Fresno Area.

I’m in the process of writing a list of regular community events that are free and all-ages. Please message me any ideas! 


Filtered outttt

Pictured is the Hotel Californian in downtown Fresno. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places!

At the time it was built (1923), it was considered to be one of the most exclusive places in Fresno. To-day, it used as a senior-care facility. You can read more about the building’s history, here


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Photo of the Fulton Mall at the north entrance. 


Gorgeous mural in the Arthouse. #downtownfresno #fresnodowntown #fresnoca (at Arthouse)

Arthouse is located at 1612 H St. in downtown Fresno. They are, usually, open late during ArtHop (1st Thursday of every month). 

Old Town Clovis Farmers Market will have their annual Pistachio Party, to-night (Friday, Sept. 26, 2014)! The event will run from 5:30-9PM.

Old Town Clovis has one of the largest farmers markets in the Fresno Area. This will be their last farmers market of the year, so check it out!

(Photo source: Old Town Clovis’ Facebook Page

It’s back again this year!!! Everyone get ready for this one. its gonna be bigger and better this past years. Not only is it gonna be a get together like past years, but this year we are going to throw in a bike show and ride (not a race, just a cruise just like critical mass) BBQ, Hang-out, bike show, bike ride, and crit for those racers. Spread the word about this event and lets make this one bigger and better then past years. All kinds of bikes are more then welcome, more bikes the better and you know what that means, the bigger the event is. There will a donation jar at this event that will go to Mickey bike for his charity in Fresno that will go towards parts.

Join the group at Plaza Park Raceway in Visalia. The event starts at 12PM. The weather will be perfect! 

Fresno, CA Weekend Events (9/26-9/28/14)


5-9PM - Food trucks, beer, & live music - Gazebo Gardens - Info

6-9PM - Grand Re-opening of the Azteca Theater - Chinatown - Info

7-10PM - Tierra performs - Arte Americas - Info

7-10PM - Live music, wine tastings, and Dusty Buns food - Englemann Cellars - Info

7:30-8:30PM - Salsa lessons w/ Ballet Folklorico - 2419 E. Clinton Ave.

8PM - 1AM - F.U.S.E Fest - various Downtown venues - Info


7AM-12PM - Vineyard Farmers Market - NW corner of Blackstone & Shaw - Info

8AM-1PM - TUFF Farm Stand - Tower District - Info

9AM-12PM - Park Place Farmers Market - NW Corner of Palm & Nees - Info

10AM-4PM - Gluten-free & Wellness Expo - Whole Foods - Info

10AM-Midnight - Armenian Food Festival - Armenian Community Center - Info

5-9PM - Food trucks, beer, & live music - Gazebo Gardens - Info

5PM - 2AM - F.U.S.E. Fest - various Downtown venues - Info

6-9PM - Fresno Tzu Chi Moon Festival - Fresno Tzu Chi Foundation Office - Info

7-9PM - Hook, a Robin Williams Tribute - Warnors Theatre - Info

9PM - Burlesque Show  - Full Circle Brewing - Info


9AM-2PM - Stuff Sale (fleamarket) - Tower District - Info

2-9PM - Dusty Buns food truck - Peeve’s Pub - Look for more info, here.


To find out about what’s going on in the Fresno Area, read this post.

Please reblog, if I missed a community event.

Weekend Events?

I am putting together another list of events happening, in Fresno, for this weekend. Please message me about any community events.

California: Paradise Burning by The New Yorker

The Central Valley is responsible for feeding the world. Watch the video for a brief look of how California’s drought is impacting farmers. This isn’t an isolated issue; the drought effects everyone. 

Yes, it’s a complicated issue that involves politics. However, everyone has a responsibility in conserving water. You can find a list, here.