Denny’s, the Civil War & ‘em Old Ones

To-night, Chloe and I will be attending the San Joaquin Civil War Roundtable

Once a month, Civil War enthusiasts (some of them reenactors) meet up at Denny’s to eat a mediocre dinner and discuss Civil War topics. To-night’s topic will be on railroads. I’m already excited about the lecture! During the Civil War era, there was a construction boom of railroads. We only briefly discussed railroads in Academic Decathlon. It’s interesting learning how railroads directed the westward movement in the US. Fresno is where it is to-day because of the railroad station that was built in 1872. 

Chloe and I haven’t been to the Roundtable in the past two months. They all must be convinced we bailed on them. Mostly everyone is in their late 50s-80s, so there’s no way I can’t stray away from them for long. Us young’uns are here to stay! 

Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf 

*My obsession for old things makes me sound creepy on the internet.