this popped up on my facebook today and i thought it was cute. some of this stuff is hella real, but i will never understand why they used a picture at chipotle for #4 if we’re supposed to take pride in our mexican food. at least make it a picture of robertito’s or something, fuck.

Oh my goodness, that was my first thought, too! One of the people who run this blog emailed me this list and I chuckled when I saw #4. The “Everyone in Fresno has their own ‘I Met Kopi” story” is pretty accurate.


Fresno breakfast house with my babe! :) tried to make healthy choices! Hawaiian omelette with fresh fruit and steel cut oats! 👍🍍 amazing!!!! #breakfast #healthy #protein #fresnobreakfasthouse #fbh

Fresno Breakfast House is located on the SW corner of Bullard and West.


This little corner has a lot of good energy running through it this morning ✨ #fresno #plants #pasadena (at plantsparty)

Lovely Fresno cup by Twee Boutique! Twee sells Fresno-themed items on Etsy and Peeve’s Public House & Local Market.

Aurora’s blog is lovely, as well! ^.^


Didn’t take as many photos of #LoveALocal as I planned to, but here are a couple I did grab.

These photos of “Love a Local” Festival are amazing!

Chris and Kellie - husband and wife, dance instructors, and founders of Fresno Swing Dance - dancing the Lindy Hop at Java Jump Thursdays.

Last night was lovely! We had five new people join us for drop-in dance lessons!

You can take beginner and intermediate lessons - Thursdays at 7:00PM - Located at Mia Cuppa Cafe in the Tower District. More info, here.

FRIDAY, 8PM, Peeve’s Pub - Saint Motel is performing in Fresno! The concert has moved from Frank’s Place to Peeve’s Public House in downtown Fresno.

There won’t be a lot of room to dance like there is at Frank’s Place (you will want to dance to this music). On the plus side, the concert is now free and all-ages!

More event info, here.

Fulton Mall in Fresno, CA - Mural painted by Jamie Ortega


Alison | Pacific Southwest Building 

// Kevin Figueroa 

Lovely photos, Kevin! 

Alison has an amazing fashion blog, called Pretty in Python (as well as a tumblr). I adore how she uses downtown Fresno as her background for most of her photoshoots. You can check them out on her Instagram


Time lapse drawing of a recent piece, special thanks to Dominic Moore and Jeremy Jones from Beardy for supplying the music

Another Carlos A. Cisneros piece. Go lefties! 


Getting into the spirit #oilpainting #art #arte #oiloncanvas #wip #skull #halloween #illustration #undead #horror #streetart #fresnoarthop #fresno #559art #cacillustrations #carloscisneros

Artist Carlos Cisneros’ Web site and tumblr


More louis vuittonet art
From Fresno, Ca

Louis Vuittonet’s Web site


I’m almost positive I’m going to have to travel outside of Fresno to find an artist that I feel comfortable starting a sleeve with

Several of my friends have gotten tattoos from Channelle Wiebe of Faithful & True Tattoo Studio (located in the Iron Bird Lofts in downtown Fresno).

Here are a few links about the business:

Facebook Fan Page

Photos of Past Work  (Faithful & True’s)

Photos of Past Work (Chennelle’s, specifically) 

Yelp Page (needs more reviews though)

Reblog if anyone has a suggestion for a local tattoo artist. There’s a lot of creative talent here! 

Fulton Mall in Fresno, CA - "Pipes" water fountain by Stan Bitters

These lessons are important to me. I would love to see more people attend. 

I’ve been part of Fresno’s Lindy Hop scene for three years and our community has not grown in size. It’s hard seeing Chris and Kellie (my dance instructors) spend several years trying to grow a wonderful community. I want to see it grow.

Dancing is my “happy pill.” I forget to take it every day but when I do remember, my day brightens up. It’s been kind to me and I’m thankful I found swing dancing.

We all have that desire to be part of a community and a Lindy Hop community is a wonderful thing to be part of. These people want to dance. These people want to be silly and geek out about Doctor Who. These people want to express their passion for all things vintage and jazz music. It’s not the kind of dance where everyone’s intention is to hit on you. It’s easy to feel comfortable in a Lindy Hop community. I’ve traveled solo to Seattle to attend a dance event. I plan on traveling solo to Austin for another dance event. I never worry about feeling scared and alone in a big city. I know I’ll meet people similar to me.

So, Try it out! Be part of the community! I’ll see you Thursday, yes?

Here’s a video of Lindy Hop, in case you’re wondering what the heck the dance looks like.