Farmers of Fresno County, the agricultural capital of the world, are struggling with the impact of California’s severe drought. The video documents what has happened to May Vu’s farm in Sanger after her well ran dry. 

Read the Fresno Bee article, here

Vineyard Farmers Market in #Fresno, CA.

Open year-round. Wednesdays 3-6PM & Saturdays 7AM-12PM. 

Located at the NW corner of Shaw & Blackstone. 

Talking to Strangers

I’ve had this in my “drafts” for too long…


The San Luis Obispo Lindy Hop Exchange wrapped up with a house party. It was after 3 o’clock in the morning and I was stopped by a fella who asked, “You’re Veronica, right?”

Somehow…I don’t remember why…I spent several minutes explaining to him how much I loved Fresno. I then went into detail about the history of Fresno.

I found out he was waiting for the bathroom the whole time. I awkwardly ended the conversation by saying, “You’ll forever know me as the gal who’s obsessed with Fresno.”

The swing community is really nerdy, but I think I topped everyone that night.  >.<

I’ve seen this guy four times since then! We never acknowledge each other though. Phew…


Follow Your Dreams And Cover Your Footsteps. #Fresno #Art #Graffiti #Dreams (Taken with Instagram)

"To Kill A Mockingbird" show #286


This past weekend I attended Good Company Players’ production of To Kill A Mockingbird at the 2nd Space Theater in Fresno, CA. Having never seen the movie or read the entire book I had the fortunate experience of going into the Friday night show pretty much in the dark. I was aware of the nature of Tom Robinson’s trial and the treacherous journey lawyer Atticus Finch would have to go through in order to try to prove Robinson is innocent. However, that was about it. What I found was a very moving piece of theatre being directed finely to the point where every cast member was utilized to their greatest potential in order to bring out the lessons this story has to teach. This production was a phenomenal first time experience for me; I loved every minute of it!

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Want to learn the Charleston? 

I read about this lovely opportunity, in Fresno, on Fresno Swing Dance’s facebook page:

Fresno Swing Dance is doing 1920’s CHARLESTON on the Great Day Morning Show this Monday,
8/13, 5am-10am

If you know a little Charleston or are a dancer who learns quickly, You are invited! 

Your reward: Anyone who participates for 4 hours gets my new, 6-week Charleston & Vintage Jazz class for FREE! ($48 value!) 

RSVP here (on facebook page) or email 

From Sir @brodiemash, co-founder of a Fresno blog called Dumb Drum and Swede Fest

Cyber Stalk

Besides having a tumblr, That Fresno Blog can be found on other social media sites:

Facebook Page: I try to start discussions on this page. I try…If I fail, I post odd observations. 

Twitter: Fun place to meet in-the-know people of Fresno and have mini debates about Fresno issues. Oh, and tweet relevant one-liners. I find out the most about what’s going on in Fresno through twitter.

My Web site: On the side, I do a lot of research about Fresno topics (a focus on downtown revitalization). I also have several interviews with business owners, artists, and overall interesting people. The articles are way more lengthy than what you’re used to on tumblr. 

My facebook profile: No. 


Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf 

Pleasant Distractions

Time to dive back into my work, blogging and dancing to distract me from my nerves. I like telling myself these jitters are here for a good reason.

I got back from Camp Hollywood, yesterday. Although I missed the things/people I love in Fresno, it was lovely feeling carefree for several days. Now, I am back to reality. No more swing dancing for 8+ hours, spending money carelessly and being silly with new friends.

It’s time to juggle work with fun. This weekend I’ll be interviewed on a radio show. I’ll be discussing the past, present and future of the Fulton Mall with a fellow real estate broker. I’ll need to focus and continue doing more research! 


Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf

Fresno (by UnaLei)

Mural in Tower District. 

That creepy mural in Tower District, Fresno, CA. 

Taken by Whileyouwereliving

What is the story behind this?

All’s good in the Mural District. 


Mural District, Fresno, CA


Olympus Trip AF 30


Portra 400

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Dusty Buns, located at 608 E. Weldon Ave., Fresno (across the street from Fresno High). 

A new restaurant will be opening up in Downtown Fresno (Van Ness &amp; Tulare). 
Check out the Bee&#8217;s interview with the owner, here.

A new restaurant will be opening up in Downtown Fresno (Van Ness & Tulare). 

Check out the Bee’s interview with the owner, here.