I adventured to the outskirts of Clovis to attend the Organic Stone Fruit Jubilee last weekend.

The event didn’t quite live up to the name “jubilee.”  I imagined people picking fruit while dancing vigorously to loud music. I’m still amazed that people traveled from Nicaragua to attend this event!

Still, it was a lovely experience. They have a diverse herb garden. Walking through the garden inspired me to finally extract the oil from the rosemary plant my boyfriend gave me for my birthday (BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER :) ). To-night I will attempt to make my own rosemary shampoo! 

Here’s to domestic bold challenges!


Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf

Store-bought peaches are nothing compared to Valley-grown peaches at farmers market.

Not even when FoodMaxx has them on sale for $.77/lb.

The Old Fresno Water Tower is one of Fresno’s nationally-recognized landmarks.

You can visit the tower in Downtown Fresno and purchase locally-made art and other Fresno-centric gifts. Oh, and the volunteers love telling visitors about the history of the place.

On Friday nights, you can watch a movie projected on the exterior of the tower! Click here for more information. 


#FRESNO #559 (Taken with Instagram at The Fresno Water Tower)

Former Security Bank Building, located on the Fulton Mall in Downtown Fresno.

Watch people rappel down one of the Area’s tallest buildings, this Saturday (June 16th)! Money raised will go towards an ice-skating rink at the Mall this Winter. 

Make it a day out in Downtown Fresno! You can walk to YoshiNOW!, Urban Salvage, Twee Boutique, Misc., and various second-hand stores. Fresno Brewing Company will also be open to serve lunch, coffee and locally-brewed beer. 

Click here for more information about the event. 


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Have a lovely day in Fresno!

Veronica Stumpf

Occupy Fresno protesters (or do we call them homeless?) camping outside the Fresno County Courthouse will no longer be a regular sight. They have agreed to protest overnight for only three nights a year. You can read more, here.


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Have a lovely day in Fresno! 

Veronica Stumpf